Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kwik Sew 3706 -- Why Kwik Sew, Why???

I feel a little guilty about badmouthing Kwik Sew. After all, their patterns are perfect for teaching beginning sewers how to do things like attach collars and zippers. But Kwik Sew's sense of style, taste, and restraint is often lacking.

The other day I received a little booklet with their latest summer lineup, and one of the patterns was so unbelievably bad, I resurrected this blog, inactive for a year, just so I could show it to you.

I know Minnesota isn't fashion mecca, but what on earth could have possessed the company to issue Kwik Sew 3706 with its mishmash of whacky details? The moment I saw that ruffley-thing dancing off the shoulder and the gift wrap bow hovering around the waist, I thought of the prize winning cow at the county fair.

Who or what was this pattern created for --opening night at the Grand Ole Opry, milk maids from Lake Woebegone or the Beverly Hillbillies? Honestly Kwik Sew, is this pattern for real?


Anne said...

You have a valid point, indeed!

Anonymous said...

OMG. Maybe as an apron??

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

I'm with you - I'm seeing entirely too many ruffles on tops these days but this one takes the cake!

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